Dreams are funny things.  I’m not talking about what happens when you’re asleep.  But the dreams that occur when you realize you want more.  The dreams you keep hidden.  The dreams you discuss.  The dreams with meaning and purpose.

Allow me to be super honest I’m not necessarily the greatest when it comes to dreams.  I often give up on myself (and constantly replay this voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough), but I love encouraging others to achieve their dreams.  But what I love even more is promoting someone else’s dream.  When someone MAKES IT HAPPEN I am just overjoyed for them.

Here’s my favorite inspiration story!

A friend of mine in Charlotte had this vision to be a personal stylist.  She knew exactly what she wanted to do, and for months, altered her life to make it happen.  She took to her Facebook and Instagram accounts and slowly integrated posts that would be aligned with her dream (which is genius because it didn’t come out of nowhere!).  She created a company – and proudly posted a selfie outside of the courthouse once she received her license! (she’s legit!) She went to the bank and filed the necessary paperwork and purchased the necessary payment system.  She came up with a fantastic name which combines everything she is and everything she wants to be and everything she’s good at sharing.  She hired a web designer and a photographer.  She knew in order to be successful and promote the right way, she couldn’t cut corners.  She is consistent.  She is encouraging.  She never gives up.  She is ROCKING IT!  And I am SO very proud of her!  (And I have a fantastic dress I never would’ve found on my own but I LOVE, in my rotation!)

The best part?  None of it is forced.  She was genuinely born to do this.

Born to find awesome outfits.  Born to sell each piece from a photo shoot.  Born to read your Instagram comment and reply “I’ll meet you at XYZ Store at noon tomorrow and we’ll get the perfect dress for your anniversary dinner.”

Her Instagram profile says it best:

Food, fashion, and styling is what I love and what I do. I sell clothing, style women and eat well. Like my style? Follow me. We ship EVERYWHERE!

Her website isn’t live yet, but feel free to follow Charlotte Fashion Plate on Instagram or search Charlotte Fashion Plate on Facebook.

Melissa, I am SO proud of you!!!



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