Weekend Update: Halloween

Let’s start the Weekend Update with Thursday, shall we?!

I’ve noticed a fair amount of neighborhoods participate in “You’ve Been Booed” with their neighbors.  Intrigued by the idea that you find a box or bag or bucket of Halloween goodies on your front porch, someone put an adult spin on it and created “You’ve Been Boozed”.  So, thanks to Pinterest, I decided to Booze some friends! 🙂


An orange bucket of a variety of Pumpkin Beers, what’s not to love?

Then, I went to this great little spot in Charlotte to check out a neighborhood pumpkin carving party.  Apparently the neighborhood does this each year and I found it to be fantastic!

IMG_1475 IMG_1478 IMG_1477 IMG_1476

Friday night I was festively lame! 🙂

And sent Claire this snap.


I’m REALLY bummed I didn’t screenshot her response since it was Dave lounging on the couch and Claire kicked back in the chair with a #MarriedLifeIsntMuchDifferent hashtag – or something similar!

SATURDAY was the main event!  Happy Halloween!!!!

Went back to the super cool pumpkin display…



Such creativity!


And capped that off with an appearance at the neighborhood block party and a trip to Sycamore Brewery.

I took far too many pictures of complete strangers because goodness they had CREATIVE costumes!

This is by far my favorite, and I think anyone who great up watching TGIF, and/or loved The Taylor Family, will LOVE THIS!


It’s WILSON from Home Improvement!

Found the Brawny Paper Towel Man…


Inspector Gadget!!!!


Jordan Speith’s Caddy & his Green Jacket…


A Cactus…


HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS! (fantastic group costume!)


Wilson’s on the fence about something 🙂  and yes, the man to his right is Eddie from Christmas Vacation!


The Strawberry side of the Grape/Strawberry Nerds box…


Martini Man…


And an Online Dating Profile…


Which I decided to hop in the frame, because why not?


Not sure why this picture won’t rotate correctly, but the best part is the same guy was at Dandelion Market roughly 2 hours prior and a friend of mine also took a picture with him!  Love it!

Some people amaze me with their creativity!!

Sunday morning this popped up on my phone screen…


Thank you, Target!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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