Stuff & Things: $33

Super pumped on this “the sun may actually shine” day to link up with Joey and join in on Stuff & Things!  I love a good prompt without rules! 🙂

I rarely carry cash.  Sure I have an emergency $20 tucked away, but spending cash is not normally something I have – unless I am traveling.

Having emergency cash is a great idea.  When I started to drive, I often took my best friends younger brother home after school.  The first day I brought him home, he got in the car and put $10 in my glove box.  I asked why, and was told the following: “Mom said you wouldn’t accept gas money, so instead you have $10 in the event of an emergency.” SO SMART!  I always knew I had $10 in the glove box of my car and I never used it.  Granted this was during the time you could fill up your tank with $10! 🙂

Anyway, in September I went from a fun weekend in NYC to a work trip in Boston.  The turn around was SO quick (landed at 9pm Sunday, flew out at 2:00pm Monday) that I didn’t have a chance to replenish my travel cash and I wasn’t 100% sure the amount that remained.

Well, as you know from this post, I spent a decent amount of time standing with a lot of people at Mike’s Pastry…


…which is CASH ONLY.

Since I found a parking space, waited in line, and then saw the sign, the thought of leaving, locating an ATM and going through that entire ordeal again was not remotely entertaining.

LUCKY for me – I made choices, without fully paying attention, and the final total was $33.  So I start to count my cash, thinking I may end up removing a whoopie pie or cannoli or two from my loot and sure enough, I have EXACTLY $33!

Praise Jesus!


2 thoughts on “Stuff & Things: $33

  1. You make very good points about carrying cash but it’s just a mess. The change is annoying to lug around and it’s dirty. But then again, if I’m ever in a predicament where they don’t accept anything but cash then I’m screwed.

    The only place that I can think of that is cash-only is Costco, but just a couple months back they upgraded to accepting debit cards haha.


    • Oh wow – I always knew Costco to be Amex or cash! I love the idea of having an emergency $20. Certain public parking lots for events could be cash only and obviously older food establishments! Yes to it being dirty though and goodness coins are heavy! Try to just toss those in a jar!


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