5 on Friday: Movies

It’s another wonderful (although rainy) 5 on Friday with the lovely April!


The last movie I saw in a movie theater was Pitch Perfect 2.

Before that, it was American Sniper. And before that it was When The Game Stands Tall.  All very diferent.  All very good.

So, I thought I’d compile a list of movies that I’d like to watch.  Growing up, Friday was synonymous with movies (and pizza and popcorn and sleepovers). #ChildhoodIsCalling

#1 – The Intern – The previews were funny, yet heartwarming.  I have high hopes for this one!  Oh and it looks like a great group of cast members.


#2 – SPY – Melissa McCarthy.  Bridesmaids & The Heat.  AND Melissa and Rose Byrne in a movie together again, yea, this is going to be funny!  I’m pretty sure Allison Janney also makes an appearance.


#3 – The Martian – I’ve had a few friends see this and they seemed to enjoy it.  Another friend is still reading the book and loves it.


#4 – Burnt – Hello, Bradley Cooper & Sienna Miller together again?  Yes please!  I also watched their (separate) press interviews for the movie and I am really excited about it.

#5 – Our Brand Is Crisis – Sandra Bullock.  Also, watched Sandra & Billy Bob’s interview with Ellen and now I really want to watch the movie!!

Any additional movie suggestions?

I tend to watch some of my favorites on repeat, because if you can’t quote Pitch Perfect, Baby Mama, Bridesmaids, The Proposal, and Christmas Vacation (just to name a few), what’s the point?

Happy Friday, friends!!




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