Talk About It Tuesday: Support Small & Shop Local

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Last week, a friend of mine from high school put a pretty neat post on social media that I was not only proud of, but it made so much sense and it’s something I think small business owners really struggle with, but shouldn’t have to.

She wasn’t mean with her words, and she wasn’t pushy either, but her post really resonated with me and I wanted to share it.

Here’s the image she used:IMG_1544

And while I don’t want to disclose those that she mentioned, or post exactly what she wrote, here’s a general overview.

She listed about 15 gals who are single/dating/engaged/married/expecting/mothers who through some leap of faith adventure, are supplementing their full time income with a “side” job (and let me just say, sometimes I work harder in a day for my side job than I do for my corporate job!).  She promoted ladies who are following their dreams and starting their own businesses, or ladies who have partnered with already established companies as independent consultants.  I thought her post was genius!  Way to educate others about supporting friends and friends of friends, rather than supporting a huge company.  #TheMoreYouKnow0206

Sure companies like Swoozies, Paper Source, and Shutterfly are great for cards, invitations, monogrammed items, but you could make the following switches and help a person in your community rather than a CEO. 🙂

As you begin (or finish!) your Christmas shopping this year, consider supporting small, local businesses.  I promise it will mean the world to the business owner, and the quality will most likely be so much better!  Not to mention the personal connection!  #WorthIt

Need a few ideas?  Here you go!

  • Gretchen from ?website? to supply you with just about every product you’ve ever thought about monogramming! (Charlotte ladies, she’s local and SUPER reasonable!!!)
  • Live anywhere near Rock Hill, SC?  Support Mary Kate and visit Hey Sugar Shop for all of your custom sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and/or cake truffle needs. SO GOOD and SOOOO worth the drive!
  • Need someone to design your Christmas cards or party invitations?  Contact Claire from The Studio by Fashion+Feathers.
  • Live in Charlotte? Love pizza? Support Pizzeria Omaggio across from Target Metropolitan.
  • Have a lover of The Queen City on your list?  Check out Chris, Jerri, and Scott from 704 Shop for all of your Charlotte apparel needs.
  • Jewelry lover?  Laura from Laura Cox Designs has tassel necklaces.
  • Need that cool gift for a sports fan?  Or fan of Friends?  Honor Roll Designs for all of your super cool t shirt needs.
  • Need an ADORABLE baby bonnet or bow for a little girl in your life?  Support April & her Mom over at The Tipsy Bunny
  • Have a bagel lover in your life? Send them Bantam Bagels and order 3 dozen for yourself, you will not be disappointed. These things are GOOD!! (yes this is brick & mortar in NYC, and yes they were in Shark Tank and have received serious press, but Nick & Elyse are the owners/founders and this is their life! 1 store = local in my book!)

That’s all I can think of for now.  Have other small businesses you support?  Feel free to leave them in the comments!

Of course if you’re in need of face care, color cosmetics, hand cream, body lotion, etc., let me know!

Friends, shop local!  Support small businesses!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions!


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