Hello! (not the Adele song)


Goodness it has been a long time since I’ve blogged!  I know it doesn’t seem that way, but I was gone for 2 weeks (but scheduled posts for my first week away) and let me tell you, the return home to normal life has been a little sluggish.  I’m talking I showered, put on comfy clothes, and pretty much didn’t leave my couch/home for a solid 24 hours! #TravelHangover

Anyway, let’s recap this past weekend shall we?

Friday I left against my will to swing by TWC for a new remote (and picked up a waffle & latte from Crispy Crepe on my way home) yum!  Saturday I unpacked and did laundry and watched the Carolina vs Virginia Tech game.  I was so torn.  I’m a huge Carolina fan but I love Frank Beamer.  I spent many Saturdays in Lane Stadium (including the coldest game ever) and just adore Beamer.  Happy for him, but happier with a Carolina win.

Sunday, Cassie and I met to redeem our mani pedi coupons! #OhHeyMoneyMailer and she asked me what I was wearing so I sent her this pic from Hallmark.  After 2 days of lazy clothes, I HAD to dry my hair and look presentable!


Sadly we didn’t take a picture together. 😦 But we did enjoy Starbucks, pretty nails, and girl time!!! I did however send Claire a picture of my outfit and declared it my “go to” for the season.

OPI’s How Great Is Your Dane? is on my fingers and Lincoln Park After Dark is on my toes!

We ended up watching the first half of the Panthers game at the nail place and we left at halftime so she could head home and I went uptown to meet some friends!


It certainly didn’t start out all that great, but man, that game ended well!


Once the game was over, Sarah, Brittany, and I decided to go ICE SKATING!  The weather was perfect – not too cold, but cold enough to feel “Christmasy”



For the 8 months (and 1 day) Claire knew she was pregnant, I started drinking for 2.  Well, it became a joke that I had to drink an extra glass of wine or adult beverage since Claire wasn’t drinking.  Now that Ariana made her appearance last Sunday, I’m no longer drinking for 2.  Now I’m ice skating for 2….so I sent Claire this picture:


which captures my “the things I do for you” face quite accurately!  🙂

The picture below may be my absolute favorite picture and it just worked out perfectly!


Since the rink closes at 7:00pm, we decided to head to Amelie’s for Hot Chocolate and Sweet Treats.  Well, since the main room was reserved for a private party, we sat in a rather amusing area.  It was a little chilly, and I just didn’t feel like going back inside for a knife…so this happened


such a fantastic Pecan Sticky Bun!  The warm chocolate wasn’t my favorite (because I’m all about some Not Just Coffee) but it was fun to hang out.

So there ya have it, a weekend recap…on a Tuesday.

And just because, I am totally in love with this song.  I’ve decided Hello is to 2015 what Blank Space was to 2014!

Adele – Hello

SNL – A Thanksgiving Miracle


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