Perspective: 57*

It is currently 57* in my home.  Why?  Not 100% sure – called in the professionals to figure that one out.  But it made me think…

It has been anywhere between 57*-59* inside, which yes, is cold.  BUT I am INSIDE.  I have walls.  I slept in regular socks with fuzzy socks over them, fleece pants, a t-shirt under a long-sleeved shirt under the warmest hoodie ever.  And while that was cozy, the atmosphere is still chilly.  But I’m inside…protected from the elements.  No wind, no rain.

I can’t help but think of all of the people living outside.  The streets of Charlotte are scattered with homeless people and it is sad.  Sure, plenty of organizations are working hard to eradicate homelessness, but it’s just not solved yet.

We’ve all been there – clean out the closets and head to Goodwill.  Well, I now have a stack of sweaters I no longer wear for a variety of reasons as well as a winter coat that is making its way to random bus benches and CLT street corners.  A little surprise if you will.  I mean it is Thanksgiving.

Let’s be compassionate.  Let’s take care of our own people.



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