5 On Friday: Thanksgiving Recap

Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Here are 5 of my favorite things that happened yesterday! 🙂

#1 Early Thanksgiving with FamilyFamily

Ok so this didn’t happen yesterday.  But since it didn’t happen yesterday, it happened 2 weeks ago.  Thanksgiving with the family.  Oh how I adore my grandparents!

#2 The Charlotte Thanksgiving Day ParadeParade.jpg

I’m a sucker for traditions, and have enjoyed watching the Charlotte Thanksgiving Day Parade with some friends each year!

We started in 2011 but it rained (and they had an almost 4 month old) so we went to their place and ate breakfast foods and watched the Macy’s parade on TV instead.  In 2012 it was HOT and we watched the parade and quickly shed all of our layers.  2013 was FREEZING and we left early.  It was cold in 2014 and mean people kept standing in front of us blocking our view and disregarding our request for them to sit down or move.  2015 was PERFECTION!

#3 The Aunt Megan & Summer Thanksgiving Day PictureSummy.jpg

We were WAY warmer this year!  Last year Loren, Stephen, and I kept passing Summer around for body heat. This year, no one fought over the kiddos! 🙂 It is so much fun to watch a parade through the eyes of a kiddo.  And I LOVED how excited Summer was to see the “Thanksgiving CHICKEN!”

#4 Friendsgiving FumbleGBC Fumble

Last year I enjoyed dinner with my neighbors, Melissa & Seve.  It was so fantastic, the gang returned this year!  We ate during halftime of the Panthers game, and realized the Cowboys weren’t the only ones with fumbles! 😉 Someone dropped the Green Bean Casserole.  We all laughed!  I didn’t really care since I despise green beans – I was just happy the stuffing was ok! 🙂

#5 Football!


This season has been SO fun!  I watched Panthers games in college, but didn’t attend a game or purchase merchandise until I moved to CLT in ’09.  The 13-14 season was a lot of fun, and now 15-16 is the greatest!

And since it’s Black Friday, here’s a 5 on Friday BONUS!

#6 Give the gift of Better Beauty 2015 Holiday Gift Sets

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