Where is the love?

My heart hurts.

People are mean.

People act entitled.

People think the world owes them something.

People forget compassion.

The meaning of the season is lost.


For real though!

How are we supposed to value family and thankfulness if so many people are pulled away from theirs by their source of income, because too many are choosing to leave to go stand in a line to save a few bucks?

How many people enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner really early because they had to go to work?  How many people weren’t able to spend time with their families because they had to work?  It’s not right.


Let’s take a moment to dissect the picture above, shall we?!

Gal in black t shirt looks happy.

Gal in black long sleeved shirt looks crazy.

Gal in green jacket is in the middle of a battle.

Gal? in blue hat and white jacket HAS HER ARM IN GREEN JACKET and green jacket is boxing out (kind of) while holding on to the door.


Not worth it. Not ok.

My heart began to hurt when I was in Target yesterday.  It was the first time in almost TWO WEEKS I had been to Target (or really any store), and it was apparent the staff was just exhausted and defeated.  I had to return something I purchased a few weeks ago.  The return line was long.  The amount of returned merchandise was spilling everywhere.

The super patient cashier was explaining the refund amount to the girl who was returning a Black Friday offer.  Return girl was RUDE.  She told the cashier that cashier was wrong and that she deserved more money.  Oh and she was on her phone the entire time.  Also rude. Cashier referred to the computer screen, the amount listed, the receipt.  Return girl continued to become irate.  Return girl was wrong, and did not handle the situation well at all.  I wanted to smack some sense into her…in the name of Jesus… because it was Sunday. 🙂

I just felt so bad.  As I looked around, no one was happy.  The meaning of the season lost among discounted merchandise only available at horrible hours.  I don’t like where the world is headed.  It absolutely breaks my heart.

Maybe this is why I’m choosing to Shop Small this Christmas.  Individual business owners tend to be much nicer!



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