Friday 5: Christmas Cheer

Hello, Friday!

This week was one of those weeks that crept by yet moved so fast all at the same time.  Anyone else feel that way?  Moving on, let’s grab a hot beverage and peruse the 5 on Friday linkup shall we?!?!

Remember this post about no heat in my home?  Well, I found out I have gas heat and it needed to be turned on.  Nice.  Found that out on Tuesday…Thursday was Thanksgiving…appointment was set for Monday.  Thank you Jesus the weather Thursday-Sunday was nice and warm!  Anyway, as of 3:00pm Monday no one had come (because that 8am-5pm window is stupid!), but at 2:00pm our complex lost power.  So I had no power and no heat.  Thankfully, the heat was turned on last night and now I feel like I can happily decorate for Christmas!

#1. Panthers Christmas Tree Lighting


The main attraction:


The entire event was awesome!  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was shown on the Big Screen, so it was neat to enjoy complimentary Hot Chocolate and watch a Christmas classic until it was time for the festivities!  Bands, choirs, Purrcussion….good time!!

#2. The Ritz


Oh how I love the Ritz at Christmas time!  I remember the Gingerbread House the first year and how the lobby just smelled so good! The year they didn’t have a Gingerbread House was rather depressing 🙂 so I’m glad it’s back!

#3. My “Charlie Brown” tree


After work yesterday, I went and picked out my Christmas tree!  Best part?  It came with a stand!!!!  So I have it on top of a cabinet (with a towel underneath for the moment in the event I spilled any water – didn’t want to ruin the wood!) and went with SIMPLE this year.  White lights. Glittery sign.  Christmas Chicken. Nativity. My favorite Santa in a Manger picture.

#4. Social Media “Funny”



#5. Buzz City!

Ok so this one isn’t Christmas related, but the day before Thanksgiving, Julie and I went to the Hornets game!


That’s it for life lately!  Hope you’ve had a great week!  I have awesome weekend plans and I can’t wait to share them with you on Monday!


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