Oh Hey! Remember me?!

Can we just all agree that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is absolutely nuts?  Sure we’ve got 2 fantastic holidays which bring their own bits of excitement and challenge, but we also pair that with the craziness of completing tasks before the ball drops!  I feel like the month of December is a blur because the demands of work life, part time work life, personal life, home life, family life, etc. are just out of control!

This image has been circulating for quite some time and I LOVE IT.


Let’s break it down.

#1. BE PRESENT: I have purchased minimal presents.  I am NOT someone who buys something just because I have to give a gift to someone.  I am the person who really THINKS about what to give AND I want it to be relatable and practical (I also gather things throughout the year – sometimes this works, sometimes I am so excited I give it to the person just because!).  I also decided to spend my weekends out and about with FRIENDS and my post work time running errands with FRIENDS and just doing what I want to do.  So if your Christmas gift arrives in March, know that I think about you year-round AND I spent my time in the moment…not feeling defeated by a crowded parking lot and check out lines 5 miles long! 🙂

#2. WRAP SOMEONE IN A HUG: Refer to #1.  Spending time with friends over spending time wrapping gifts.  Don’t have to tell me that twice!  Seriously though, November and December can be very isolating and social media doesn’t help.  Tell someone they matter.  It makes a HUGE difference to feel valued and important.

#3. SEND PEACE I wish everyone a peaceful season – the gifts we need aren’t found under a tree with stunning wrapping paper and a perfectly ornate bow.  They are found seated around the table – or the tables of friends.

#4. DONATE FOOD: Goodness, it is so much easier to donate food rather than shop for food and have to cook or bake with said food! 🙂 OR you could do both!  Donate food doesn’t just mean to a food pantry.  Donate a cake to a friends Christmas spread.  Donate cookies for a cookie swap.  Donate a side item or main entrée for a dinner.  Or, head to your nearest Chick-fil-A, pick up a party platter of nugget, a tray of cookies, and head to your local Police Station – they could use the pick me up and token of support!

#5. MAKE LOVE: I had BIG plans of baking and spreading the wealth but I just ran out of time.  Instead, I’ve decided to realign my plans and just LOVE what I’ve decided to do instead.

#6. BE THE LIGHT: Keep the true meaning of Christmas at the center.  I purchased this print awhile ago from Hobby Lobby and I LOVE it.


Merry Christmas folks!  I have a few more posts in mind before I sign off for Christmas!  Enjoy it!


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