Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas (2015)

One of my absolute favorite Christmas songs is this one.  Yes, I know posting a Christmas song January 14th is incredibly belated, but I just love Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and needed one more listen! 🙂

Below are my 2 favorite airport pictures!

Yes, I had the ENTIRE 6th row to myself!  I thought that was a wonderful Christmas gift from the airline. 😉

The better gift?  This group of family and friends waiting for their military man to come home!  Home for the Holidays!!!  SO special.  They had a group in the corner with the same shirts and posters.  Part of me wished I waited for their homecoming celebration…but little did I know, I was about to have my own surprise.

I called my mother and exited the airport doors (but not before snapping this picture)


of the airport Christmas tree.  I told my Mom where I’d be standing and waited patiently.  Well, this car (not my Mom’s) drives towards me and looks adamant that I’m the passenger.  I stand my ground thinking they must see their people behind me or something.  Nope, as the car gets closer I realize it’s Chrissy!  Senior year of High SChool I volunteered in her 1st grade classroom.  Then I graduated from college and kept her 2 kiddos M-F, and she had their 3rd before I moved to NC!

GREAT surprise!  But it got better!  Chrissy & my Mom got out of the car for hello hugs and as I walked to the back of the car to put my stuff in, I saw 3 little heads pop up!  The kiddos were part of the Welcome Home committee!!!

imageAnd Thomas proudly covered our eyes for what was supposed to be a nice group picture!

On the way home for the airport we had a lot of great chats.  It’s hard to be President of the Student Body as a 10 year old.  And in Dance Class as an 8 year old.  And well, 1st grade is just hard! 🙂 Love these kiddos!!!

We also drove by The Milbut’s (according to the massive rock in their driveway) and saw their AWESOME Christmas light display.


Pictures don’t do it justice.  They had EVERYTHING.

The next morning, mother and I woke up to meet an organization and deliver Turkey Boxes (frozen turkey, canned goods, etc.) to those who need a little extra help.  I did this in high school and it’s great to go back and see everyone now!

Then it was off to the grandparents!

Aren’t they cute?!

It was early Saturday morning so they were still in their
“snuggies”.  I spent the day with them and baked a few batches of Christmas cookies before going back to mothers to shower and get ready for a Christmas Open House at some family friends.  Sadly I took no pictures 😦 but it was a blast!  Old friends are the best friends!

Sunday was the only “cold” day and it wasn’t even that bad.  Gramma & Poppy decided to host a Panthers Viewing Party.  My Mom stayed home to finish some Christmas prep, but at halftime wanted me to pick her up and bring her to my grandparents (I had to borrow cars).  So, during halftime I went home and got her.  Let’s just say the game was better when she wasn’t in the room.  In true “Megan’s watching a sporting event” fashion, I asked mother to leave.  She left the room and the Panthers scored.  She came back in and the Giants scored.  Finally, she went outside.  She came in for something and this happened

So she went for a long walk around my grandparents neighborhood.

Once this happened

she was allowed back inside. 🙂

That sums it up for the weekend before Christmas.  Next week will be actual Christmas.  And New Years!

Thanks, friends!


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