#MakeupMonday #4

Makeup Monday.jpg

I missed posting about #MakeupMonday #3, so just add it to the list appropriately titled “Things I Haven’t Had Time To Accomplish” 🙂 #WeAllNeedGrace #PostingEachDayThisWeek #ChallengeAccepted

The 4th Monday in February brings us a FREE Angled Blush Brush ($35 value) with the purchase of Color Sweep Blush Duo!!!  Make sure you scroll to the end of this post for an eye opening fact 🙂


MM1 22536ec7-9de5-4ec6-bb60-34106eab9454MM3 6876b4b2-650c-4b7c-92e8-18dcaf4811daMM4 c91c58ea-8061-4a2b-bb0b-1e056d480e1aMM2 15e5c68c-e788-4768-bb70-306c1eccf1f7MM5 de9872a5-7bca-4090-ab9a-e14b808bfbfa

Did you know that mica (the sparkles in makeup) mining is one of the top child slaveries in the world?  Children (as young as 5 years old) are sent into the mines under harsh conditions for up to 12 hours each day so that you can have glittery blush and eye shadow.  Even if you are using a safe mineral-based makeup, chances are they may be getting their mica from a child labor source.

The great thing about Beautycounter, we are a B Corp.  This means we have to meet extremely strict standards in regards to the sustainability and ethical practices of the ingredients we use.  Our blush duos not only come with a Certificate of Purity (no heavy metals), but peace of mind knowing that they mica comes from ethically extracted sources.

#TheMoreYouKnow #SwitchToSafer #BetterBeauty #KnowBetterDoBetter

Questions? MLPastor.Beautycounter@gmail.com

Links: Color Sweep Blush Duo (I love the Tawny/Whisper) Angled Blush Brush

Thanks friends!  “See” you tomorrow for a fun post!!


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