“…Leaving On A Jet Plane…”

Friends, allow me explain my lack of blogging with one picture:

4 consecutive weeks of hanging out in one of these.

I decided to make it fun and would send my Snapchat friends an obligatory airplane seat selfie, so clearly I’m going to share them with you!

Week One: CLT to New Orleans

(this was Sunday after the Panthers beat the Seahawks. I left for the airport 25 minutes after the game ended!)


Week Two: CLT to Boston

(I spent almost 3 hours in my seat, on the plane, before we departed because AA couldn’t locate a crew.  Seriously.)



Week Three: CLT to Baton Rouge

(this was a small 2 seats per side plane…so turbulent)


And BTR back to CLT at 6:35am after a night of being violently ill.


special thanks to Claire’s prayers because I was NOT the one needing a barf bag!

Week Four: CLT to Baton Rouge


Week Four: West Monroe to Dallas (6am! and a 1 seat/2 seat plane)


Week Four: Dallas  to HOME


 Here’s the takeaway – By the time I’ve taken these pictures I’ve already enjoyed a hot beverage and/or snack, and have failed to dig out my lip sheer or lip balm so my lips are so bare in these pictures.  It’s also clear I LOVE a good scarf!  BUT I really love a blanket scarf or really soft and flowy scarf for air travel.

Chilly plane? Wear your scarf.

Unfortunate smells? Hide in your scarf.

Need to cough? Cough into your scarf.

The great news is, as soon as I get home I divide my suitcase and wash EVERYTHING.

I also must travel with a full bottle of water and an emergency granola bar/bag of almonds or pretzels.

Any travel rituals you have?  Please share!


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