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For the last 8 Christmas Breaks, I have helped my friend Chrissy wrap some of her kiddos Christmas presents a few nights before Christmas all while gossiping and drinking wine.  It’s a lovely tradition!  Seriously, we start talking about it at least a week before I get home and each year we have an additional project or snack. 🙂

This year, she had an art project that I was happy to complete, but knew I wanted to do it differently (and larger) once I returned home.  (larger because I really do not like the color of the living room walls so I’m all for covering them up as much as possible)

This was the Christmas project (image from an online search because I forgot to take a picture)

Here’s my original* final product:


Original* because once it was complete, I decided the stripes should’ve been wider.  Since I couldn’t fix that, I painted the white stripes black.  I’m also thinking about writing “home” in script along the bottom right corner. Decisions!

This project is SUPER SIMPLE! And only requires 6 supplies.

You will need:

  1. A Canvas
  2. Painters tape
  3. Paint
  4. Paintbrush (foam worked well)
  5. Glue (I used Elmer’s but I’m sure tacky glue would be fine)
  6. Glitter (I used the super fine glitter you can find at Michael’s)



Tape off your lines.  I already mentioned I wish I had thicker lines, but I also wish I put half a piece of tape at the top where I started so I wouldn’t have such a small piece at the bottom.


Paint the exposed lines.  I used a foam brush and painted 3 coats.  The paint I used dried rather quickly so by the time I was done with the last line, the first line I pained was dry.


Once the painted lines are completely dry (wait overnight to be sure), carefully peel off the tape.


Draw the outline of your design with a pencil.  Place a line of glue over the outline.  Quickly sprinkle glitter over the glue.


Since I’m a little precise ;), I taped a few pieces of paper together and drew the outline of NC on that and then traced it on to my canvas.  Let the glue absorb the glitter.  Again, waiting overnight is ideal.

STEP FOUR again:

If you remember the final product, I didn’t think the outline was enough.  So I decided to fill the entire thing with glue and glitter!


It’s super important to LET THE GLUE DRY just like the image above!  if you sprinkle the glitter on the glue and then pick up the canvas to remove the excess glitter, the glue will run and your design will be ruined.  Let the glue dry overnight.  It was a little difficult to add glue and glitter to the canvas once the outline had hardened, so I suggest knowing if you’d like an outline or a bold design just to make the glue and glitter process easier!


Brush off the glitter.  I had a piece of poster board on the floor I dumped the glitter on.  It made it easy to keep the glitter contained AND I could fold the poster board and put the excess glitter back in the container!  I did take the canvas outside and lightly tapped the stubborn glitter off.





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