Weekend Recap!

A few weeks ago, I celebrated turning another year older.


I have to admit, I was dreading it.  Now, I know I am lucky to be alive, but there was something about this birthday that just had me down in the dumps.  I didn’t care about my birthday last year, but this year, it was just plain depressing and I kind of wanted to just skip over  it.

In true adult fashion, I started my morning getting my car oil  changed…mainly because if I was a walk-in appointment I was guaranteed to be in and out in under 2 hours since all appointments for the next 4 days were taken since oil changes were on sale.

While I was sitting in the waiting area, I decided to make the most of my time!  I worked on a file for my M-F job, while listening to the LIVE Feed of the Beautycounter Leadership Summit!


IT WAS AWESOME!  I mean Beautycounter is going places AND changing the world for the better all at the same time and I am OVERJOYED!!!!!

Once I got home, a friend and her cutie little baby boy brought me lunch (woo hoo to Chick-fil-A and great friends!) and a cupcake and doughnuts – so yummy!!!



And then these pretties showed up:


I had a nice little FaceTime session with Claire and Little Miss Ari!!   Clearly Little Miss was PUMPED…I mean that smile and those hands and feet going! 🙂


And enjoyed some funny snaps, social media posts, and cards…




That night, Ben, Cassie, and I went to dinner and this SUPER AWESOME neighborhood bar/hang out!  It’s going to be especially awesome once it warms up a little bit!!!


Seriously, it was so much fun!!!!!

Saturday, Julie and I went to lunch and I am incredibly bummed because we did not take a picture!!!!!!  However, she gave me the coolest and softest t-shirt (mine is maroon and in the wash  or I’d post a picture of it)


We then walked in and out of a few shops and felt incredibly betrayed by one shops name since the name did not at all reflect what was offered in the store. #HowQuicklyCanWeLeaveBeforeItSeemsRude

That night Cassie and I headed uptown to see Vocalosity!


And it. was. awesome!!!!!!  Some people are just crazy talented!!!!


We decided to be super crazy and went out after the show.  Actually, we made incredibly wise food and drink choices thanks to Cowfish!!!


We shared a side of fries as an app (Cowfish has THE BEST fries – I’m not sure what they use as seasoning but it is incredible.  And the fries are just perfectly crisp) and shared a Smores Milkshake!  Our server even split it into two adorable glasses!!!

Despite my initial attitude leading up to my birthday, it was a fantastic day!  I know I am lucky, but sometimes life is hard! 🙂

Here’s to another year…..the Year of Megan! *Thank you Happy Endings for the inspiration*


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