Is it November yet?


I am not one to wish the months away, but man I am TIRED of political articles/commercials/arguing.  And I’m really tired of people responding to memes/articles shared on Facebook rather than doing their own research.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 43 Pics:

Granted, after Election Day, the rudeness and mean comments won’t end, but at least it won’t be directed towards so many people.

If the first family honored God in their lives, we would have a different America, the America I remember.  God bless America, land that I love.:

Here’s the deal, I like to stay as far away from political conversation as possible.  However, I have observed far too many people “act far too ugly” and perhaps what surprises me/hurts my heart the most, is a friend who claims to be the biggest Christian their ever was, get this new social media personality where she chooses to destroy a few candidates with her status updates, destroys the opinions of friends, and comments on others opinions and articles and it just BREAKS MY HEART.  It’s not informative, it’s mean. facebook news feed right now

Yes.  Every candidate has a list of positives.

Yes. Every candidate has a list of negatives.

Yes. We are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs.

Yes. If you are a registered voter, you have the ability to change things.

But, I often wonder, when did everything become such a huge argument?  And not even a school yard argument.  These days, it’s downright mean and hurtful.  I’m embarrassed for people.  I fully believe with the way the world is today, Jesus is coming back soon.

Openly hostile vs passive agressive:

During halftime of the Carolina vs Duke game last weekend (GO HEELS, GO AMERICA!) a friends husband had us take the I Side With quiz. I LOVED IT!  I strongly urge everyone to take the full version.  Full version meaning, rather than the few questions that are asked, expand to answer the additional questions AND choose “other stances” rather than just the standard “yes” and “no” – other stances gives you detailed responses.  I answered every question but the only thing I didn’t continue to do was rank my level of importance (I think I only ranked 4 questions).  IT IS AWESOME!  And it’s updated fairly regularly.  Friends husband had taken it a few weeks prior, and last week a new question was added (FBI/Apple/unlock iPhone) as well as candidates removed (can’t match with candidates who have dropped out of the race).  I think the results are accurate and the questions and answers provided are deep.

Here is the link.  I urge you to take the time to complete it – and pass it along.  I think many people would be surprised to see who they side with.  We agreeded to take it monthly as new issues surface.  I was also surprised with the results.  It’s a percentage so my Top 5 looked something like this:

I Side With Results: 89%, 86%, 84%, 77%, 70%  That’s pretty close, and your results allow you to see what topics you are closely matched to and then you can expand to compare your answers with the candidates.  Really cool!

So who am I voting for?  Well, here’s the shirt to answer that 🙂

Fallon And Timberlake:

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake – bringing humor and sexy back! 🙂


One thought on “Is it November yet?

  1. I have a few relatives that spend their time on facebook alternative between posting religious articles and posting really mean comments about people who have different political viewpoints from them (calling them stupid, etc.) And I just don’t understand why they don’t see that their behavior is contradictory. There’s no reason why you can’t disagree with someone without calling them names or acting like they’re stupid.
    And I agree, I can’t wait until election season is over. My twitter feed is clogged with political stuff, and I’m looking forward to twitter going back to being a bit more fun!


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