That time we surprised Claire!

For some reason, I am a vault of secrets.  Multiple people confide in me, and I have yet to spill the beans!  Now, sometimes the secrets are really awesome and I want to tell the whole world, but I don’t.  So when Claire’s sister and I started planning a SURPRISE Book themed Baby Shower in July, I knew it was going to be epic!


  Come on in and enjoy the décor before the Mama-to-be arrives! 🙂


Claire’s sister Kaitlyn is one of my favorite people – I mean look at her awesome facial expression! 🙂  She did such a fantastic job making all of the decorations!!










After we setup, it was time for Claire to arrive!!!  Let me just say, in approximately 1 hour, Claire’s family and I rushed around like we were on a TV show getting everything ready – I kind of feel like we’d be great friends with Chip & Joanna Gaines and we felt like JoJo probably feels during reveal time! 🙂  It was so much fun!  I absolutely love Claire’s family!!

Oh, and since Claire has been all about some Strawberry Nerds – and it was a book themed shower, check this out…



Nerd Books!


How’s this for a surprise (and yes, Claire had no clue despite the many clues accidentally dropped – I mean she was wearing sweats and a hat)




Even though he was in on the surprise (and didn’t leak it!!!) I also love Dave’s expressions in the background!

Claire’s Mom, Claire, Kaitlyn – these ladies (and Kenzie) really make me wish I had a sister.  Pretty sure in college I named myself the 4th girl/5th child because Claire has one of my absolute favorite families! 🙂


The Gang! 🙂


Even Dave did a little reading!


Baby Girl, we can’t wait to meet you – and learn your name! 🙂


So there it is.  Claire’s Surprise Baby Shower!



6 thoughts on “That time we surprised Claire!

  1. Terrible blogger friend over here – how am I just now reading this? Lets just say… life. It’s exhausting when you have to work and not get any sleep.

    Thank you so much for making this happen! It was a blast 🙂 How many people can say they’ve gotten a surprise shower? I loved it! It was all my favorite people and y’all went all out on the decor. My favorite picture is the one with Andre in the background looking at his phone. He’s probably thinking about how badly he wants to get out of there with all these women decorating and cooking! Speaking of cooking – I did wonder why Gram brought a griddle to Kait’s the night before. But once again… never put all that together. And you know you’re the 4th daughter…


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